About Skills, Drills & GamesSkills, Drills & Games is a Physical Education program designed for the student that needs attention and additional development of basic physical skills and activities. This program is not designed for the advanced athlete or travel team player. Basic skills and techniques will be taught, focusing on throwing, catching, batting, kicking, and other motor skills. The skill segment will be followed by drills that emphasize repetition and muscle memory. Following the skill and drill sequences will be games that reinforce the day’s teachings and afford maximum participation in a fun atmosphere. Fair play, positive attitudes, cooperation, and teamwork will be emphasized.

During my tenure in my teaching career I noticed that, starting in Kindergarten, the advanced student that is athletically inclined gets the ball thrown to them the majority of the time. This is sometimes due to him or her calling for the ball aggressively or the students know that they can catch and won’t drop the ball. This is the start of the problem for the students that might drop the ball and be labeled a “dropper” and not a catcher. This situation can carry on through many grade levels. The catcher gets a high level of catches and gets even better and the “dropper” does not improve very rapidly. I apply this example to all levels of motor skills so the “dropper” can become a “catcher” in a small group with personalized instruction in a safe and fun atmosphere.

In the News

“If your child feels intimidated by sports, this program will alleviate stress and increase confidence.”

 —Lauren Burke, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Program Leader – Bruce Levin

Bruce Levin | Skills, Drills & Games

Bruce Levin | Skills, Drills & Games

I am a volunteer with Physical Education classes for all grade levels at a Naperville elementary school. Having a degree and teaching experience in Physical Education, I realize the importance of getting students active. I’ve also noticed that, due to large class sizes and limited time, children need additional instruction and encouragement outside of school. I have always had a passion for helping children progress to be the best they can be and having fun while doing it.


Qualifications & Accomplishments

Degree: Bachelor of Science College of Education – Southern Illinois University

Up-to-date State of Illinois Teaching Certification

  1. Volunteered in Physical Education classes at all grade levels at May Watts Elementary School for the 2016-2017 school year
  2. Taught Physical Education 1st-8th grade in Palatine, Illinois for 10 years
  3. Taught and coached football, wrestling, and baseball at Wheeling High School for two years
  4. Led Federal Migrant Program as head instructor in Palatine, Illinois
  5. Coached T-Ball, Girls Softball, and Ultimate Football through the Naperville Park District
  6. Honorable Discharge from United States Marine Corps. Selected by Drill Instructor to teach physical fitness to recruits that needed additional help in passing fitness qualifications. Awarded membership to U.S.M.C. 400 point physical fitness club
  7. Earned Brown Belt in Tae Kwon Do through Ahn’s Academy
  8. American Birkebeiner Cross Country Ski 50k race finisher
  9. Wilderness Trek 50k cross country ski race finisher
  10. Snowboarding for over 25 years in Colorado, Utah, and Canada


Increase self-esteem – join our team!

Along with targeting skills, drills, and games, I also want children to learn exercises to develop strength and flexibility. Numerous studies have proven that being active and physically fit leads to better concentration in the academic classroom, better grades, as well as a better self-image and self-confidence.

Some children need a little more attention and help to achieve these important results. Through my focus on individual instruction and small classes, I will apply my many successful years in teaching and coaching to enhance and improve your child’s physical skills, as well as their overall health and quality of life.

The student’s progress will enable them to have greater confidence in their athletic abilities, social situations requiring sports and overall self-esteem. Whether it is a family picnic, gym class or a birthday party with a sports theme, your child will have a more positive outlook and comfort level in these situations.

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