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Skills, Drills & Games is a physical education program for children K – 5 that need extra work on locomotor and basic sports skills

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About the Program

Skills, Drills & Games is a physical education program for children in Kindergarten through 5th grade that need attention and additional development of basic physical skills and activities.

This program is not designed for the advanced athlete or travel team player. Basic skills and techniques will be taught, focusing on throwing, catching, batting, kicking, and other motor skills. The skill segment will be followed by drills that emphasize repetition and muscle memory. Following the skill and drill sequences will be games that reinforce the day’s teachings and afford maximum participation in a fun atmosphere. Fair play, positive attitudes, cooperation, and teamwork will be emphasized.


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“I can see my son’s confidence growing as he begins to master skills that his friends already have. He can’t wait to play with his friends now and his anxiety over gym class is shrinking.”


Program Details


Who:  Girls & Boys: K – 2nd grade & 3rd – 5th grade

Cost:  $195

Class Duration:  6 weeks

2 one-hour classes per week, for a total of 12 classes

Class Size: 16 students maximum

Location:  Players Indoor Sports Center, Training Field

Program Goals

Better muscle tone

Increased flexibility and range of motion

Greater speed and muscular endurance

Increased health benefits


Players Indoor Sports Center

1740 Quincy Ave

Naperville, IL 60540


Players Indoor Sport Center is a very modern, clean and safe place for your student to learn and play. Skills Drills and Games activities will take place in a small indoor field that is conducive to instruction and eliminates the possibility of weather-related rescheduling.

Nerf and other soft and user friendly balls and equipment will be used as often as possible.

Now taking registrations for our winter/spring program.

Hurry – space is limited to 16 children!

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“Skills, Drills and Games is a gift to our community. Bruce has a patient demeanor and a genuine enthusiasm for helping kids get comfortable with athletics.”

—Lauren Burke, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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